Thursday, April 9, 2009

The curse of filipino in Hong Kong

One of the most shameful policies that the Hong Kong government has made is the domestic helper payroll tax. This tax sinful as it is like a candle burnt as both ends: It is immoral to tax the foreign workers; the tax used to subsidize the political parties to develop their network by providing the so-called retraining programmes.

FTU is one of the major receivers of the fund. Here is one outrageous programme she provides:

What the HELL? The FTU is providing lesson to teach people how to use facebook. Dont tell me thet are using the domestic helpers' salaries to do this shit!

Even if she aint, FTU provides harmful lessons which mislead the local unemployed workers to unsutable industries.

This is what their presidentCheng Yiu Tong and the union are doing.

This is their fate. and their curse.



  1. 五毫黨唔易做,又要上堂,又要識電腦,又要識打中文字,以家又要比左錢,學左FACEBOK先至可以出POST,你做呀。

  2. 五毫黨辛苦錢呀!

    大陸物價低先五毫掛, 香港工X會咁有錢, 唔會出五毫咁少黎剝削工人掛?